Values. The basis of our actions.

Success is founded on clearly defined goals, strengths and basic principles and putting each of these into practice. At Dürr Dental, we know precisely how we wish to act and how we wish to be perceived: partner-oriented, fully committed, leaders in innovation and quality. We know we have a responsibility to live up to these ideals when providing service.


It is important for us to meet others as equals and give them the recognition and respect that is due. It goes without saying that we not only maintain a cooperative partnership with our customers, but also with our retail and industry partners and with our employees.

Full commitment

We believe in what we do. We are passionate and take pleasure in what we do. As a leading company in medical technology, we help to improve the success of therapies and guarantee pain-free treatment with our solutions on a daily basis. We develop and manufacture products which offer practical usage and high operational reliability. And we offer a customer service which provides fast, expert help in emergencies.


Progress starts with ideas and ideas serve as a driving force behind our actions. We are always looking for new, integrative solutions. Impeccable organisation, efficient spare parts logistics and innovative diagnostic systems ensure you will enjoy using your Dürr Dental product for years to come.

Best in class

It is our aim to be the best in our field of business – with regard to our products and to our service. That is why all our actions are geared towards achieving the best results and finding an optimum solution for our customers. Our employees will offer you assistance and guidance based on their specialist knowledge.